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This wearable canvas is hand painted by Jessica Thiessen.

In Jessica Thiessen's words:

God has placed a heart of gold in you from before you were created. Gold is one of the softest metals but also one of the most precious metals. This is the reason why it can be made into so many beautiful and useful things. Every morning you have a choice, do you want to be purified like gold or not? Insecurities and bitterness are impurities that we have taken hold of and placed in our heart of gold. Without the willingness to be refined, we will be so hard hearted that even the hottest heat or the deepest of love can’t penetrate. God is inviting you to return to having a heart as soft as gold so you can be purified and molded.

The situations that you have been placed in may seem rough and hard but don’t try to get out of the cauldron that you are finding yourself in. If God put you there, you are there to become the gold God has made you to be. This is a place for you to be purified and this is what is needed so that God can clearly be seen in you. 

Now is the time that you are being refined and the impurities are being brought to the surface. This is so you can be all of who you were created to be without fault, blemish, or any lies the enemy. Just as gold is refined to become a precious metal, we need to be refined to reach your full potential. Your job is simply to be soft and pliable in the hands of your creator. 

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