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Step By Step

Step By Step

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This sought after wearable canvas is hand painted by Jessica Thiessen.

In Jessica's words:

Trying to figure everything out on your own can bring about a range of emotions and fears. This isn’t what it needs to be like. God, who created the world and knows every bump along the road, is holding out his hand and inviting you to walk with him step by step. Each day will have it’s own challenges, but you can choose to have the one who knows everything guiding you through both the easy and the hard days. When you walk with him you can then enjoy the journey more than you ever thought.

The relationship between the author and this wearable canvas:

Jessica Thiessen made this hat in the last few days before giving birth to her first child. She wanted a reminder that, although motherhood is sometimes hard and there is a lot of uncertainty for a first time mom, God is there and will walk with us. Each day is a new day and it’s not worth getting upset but we get to walk moment by moment and step by step with Jesus through this journey.

These hats are currently in the reproduction phase. They are estimated to be available May 1, 2024 for $80.

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